What is a Data Feed?

A data feed can be viewed simply as a way of delivering structured data from one system to another. This could be for specific information, news, social media feeds or ecommerce marketing and advertising.

The application that receives the data often sets the requirements for the format of a data feed. A feed is most often in the form of a file which contains information structured to meet these requirements. These type of file can vary but often comprise of formats such as eXtensible Markup Language (XML) or Comma Separated Values (CSV).

Why Are Data Feeds Important? 

In an eCommerce context, the data feeds of online stores are sent to sales and marketing channels like Amazon, Google and Facebook to instruct them how to display their product listings correctly. 

And in a basic sense, that's all there is to it. If your main priority is just to get your product data from one place (your online store) to another (your sales channels), all you need to do is make sure the feed is in the correct format.

But by delving a bit deeper, you can do more for the data quality. The eCommerce sales channels will take a look at the product data in order to establish when and where it should be displayed to match shopper queries and interests. If businesses regard the data feed not as a means of getting data from A to B, but to help their shoppers find the relevant products, there is more that can be done. 

It's therefore important to have an accurate, up-to-date data feed that has the addition of relevant queries to match your potential customer's searches.

How can you improve the performance of a Data Feed?

  • Schedule regular updates.
  • Include all the fields for every product, including those that are not compulsory for your sales channel.

A well-managed and enriched data feed will lead to more people seeing your products. This gives you the opportunity to increase traffic to your website and convert them to buyers.
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