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WakeupData put you one step ahead with high-quality and detailed web data to outperform competitors and stay ahead in dynamic markets.

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Get hold of all the data you need, at the right moment

We've build a highly effective web crawling tool (or data extraction tool), which is designed to scrape or crawl data from anywhere on the web. You simply tell us where to look, we scan those sites and pages you provide at speed, so we can harvest the data for you on a large scale.

No coding is required on your part, simply set the process in order and our crawler will do the hard work for you. With a powerful tool like this, you can export collected data into a spreadsheet or database and save them in the cloud.

As a result, extracted data can be added to an existing database through an API. 


Gain the competitive advantage with our Crawl & Scrape tools

Competitor price monitoring, Product matching, Images and descriptions for online marketplaces - you name it, we can get hold of it for you.

Our intelligent web scraping and crawling solution allows you to perform the following actions:
Automatically and routinely gather accurate data from any e-commerce website
Download website info and monitor retailer channels to monitor product performance. 
Populate data from list pages & carry out price matching with your own product listings.
Grab tags, classes, stock information, styles, ect.
*You simply provide the necessary info and our crawler gets to work. You can download the whole data feed in Excel format or use it to create data exports in other versions such as .XML, .CSV or .TSV.

WakeupData's webcrawling features

We have all the tools and support you need for effective web scraping
Scheduled Scraping

Schedule data extractions every minute, Hourly, Daily, Weekly.

Support File download

Download Image, Video, Audio, Document and other format files

Data Processing

Merge Fields, Find and Replace, Add Prefix, Add Suffix, Remove HTML Tags, Expression, etc.

Intelligent Identification

Automatically identify web content and pagination, just enter the URL, no configuration required

Powerful and Automatic

Any content that can be viewed on a webpage can be scraped, such as Text, Image, Email, etc.

Multiple Export Formats

Download your scraped data in any format, such as Excel, CSV, TXT, HTML, Database 

Common Use Cases


Wakeupdata allows me, a person with no programming background, to build the feed by myself from scratch and customize it as I go, which definitely has the potential to be a big time-saver.

- Joni Helminen, Senior Specialist, OMD Finland

I would definitely recommend WakeUpData - they are very competent in feed optimization and handling data. We are already using WakeupData's skills to make our feeds and bids more accurate, to increase our CTR and ROAS.

- Hans-Henning Neilsen, E-commerce Manager, Quickparts

We recommend WakeupData to clients who wish to integrate data feeds with different platforms. Their ability to act fast, deliver high-end solutions and provide great support are some of the most important reasons we choose to work with them.

- Ruth Marbæk Barrit, Client Director, Iprospect

WakeupData comes in as an extended arm which can lift up feeds and improve the marketing possibilities we have with said client.

- Thomas Erlandsen, Sales & Partner Manager, Shopalike


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