Google Merchant Categories List For
(almost!) all Countries

We've gathered together Google's own resources to formulate a list of the Google Merchant Categories / Taxonomies for the majority of countries globally. In doing so, we hope that it will provide a valuable list for merchants to easily access the categories in the native language of whichever country you wish to sell in.

N.B. If you are unsure, or cannot find the Google Merchant categories for your desired country, you can always use the US categories.

How to build your Google Merchant product feed and add categories (google shopping feed categories)? 

Method 1

Using a spreadsheet to manually build product feeds.

Method 2

Adding product feeds directly from your store using API.

Method 3

Automated product feeds from feed marketing platforms.

Who do automated product feeds work best for? 

Merchants with multiple SKUs 

If you only have 20 products, you probably don't need to use product feed automation  tools. As eCommerce businesses grow and begin to stock more products, the need for a tool that simplifies and saves time becomes more relevant. 

Merchants with Product catalogs which frequently change

As mentioned above, it's crucial to give eCommerce channels up-to-date information. Any changes to your pricing, inventory, sizes etc need to be registered and exported quickly, which is where a tool that can automate the whole process will come in handy! 


Merchants who Want to Sell on More Channels

Perhaps the most crucial use of automating product feed management is when it comes to multi-channel sales strategies. Remember, the product feed you have isn't optimized for any channel, just your online store. So the demands of Google, Fruugo, Facebook and Amazon and going to vary greatly and it's up to you, the retailer, to meet those demands.

So this is where feed management tools come in, with pre-made templates that tailor a single feed import to each and every channel - without changing your original product data from the online store. A product feed management tool is the best option when it comes to managing and optimizing your product feeds for any number of channel exports.

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