A product feed management platform with all the tools you need

Become a data-driven expert and build quality feeds that drive ROI.


How does it work?

Product data feeds are described as complex, confusing, time consuming and expensive to maintain. That’s why we at Wakeupdata created a tool that:

Automates product data management processes.

Saves valuable time & helps you optimize, enrich and maintain top-notch product data feeds.

Keeps you updated with industry best practices and provide you with stellar customer support.

How does this happen?

We are a proud Danish company, and we’ll use a very Danish analogy to help you understand what we do.

Let’s imagine we have a LEGO set with plenty of pieces of different shapes and sizes. We can start small and build a basic piece like a house, or a car maybe?
But, what if we take all the pieces and build a spaceship? Wouldn’t that be more fun? Certainly it is possible, but we would need more time, pieces of different shapes and colors and some guidance and instructions on how to build that spaceship.
data pieces
If we take this analogy and think of your product data as pieces of LEGO, we can think of the same process. We have our pieces of data (i.e. product color, size, title, link etc.) and we want to send our data to different sales channels & marketplaces (i.e. Google, Facebook, Amazon).
We can start by creating a basic setup that would get us going, but the ultimate goal is to create a spaceship and conquer the ecommerce universe, right?
Here is where Wakeupdata becomes your best friend.
We help you collect the right pieces of data, add more if there isn't enough and guide you through the process of creating and maintaining the best possible product data feeds, saving you time and resources so you can focus on your job - to conquer the ecommerce universe and drive a successful business. 
Doesn’t sound that complex anymore, right? That's because it shouldn’t be, and we at Wakeupdata are here to make sure that you have the right data, at the right time, in the right place.
No need to be a tech genius, no need for coding - we keep it as simple as possible!

Three steps to Success

Connect your product feed to WakeupData from various import sources


Intuitive feed creation and optimization

Creating data feeds is fast and intuitive. Preloaded templates ensure that your product feed meets the requirements of over 1,000+ shopping channels.  You can manipulate your feed in any way: add missing data, replace or combine values, exclude products, add categories and much more.

Create enriched feeds for hundreds of channels


Who needs a feed management tool?

Persona 1
Digital Marketing Managers 
 who want to Increase profitability and ROI through their online campaigns and want to take ownership of their feeds.
Persona 2
Digital Marketing Consultants 
 who want to save time while optimizing several feeds for multiple channels - for multiple clients.
Persona 3
E-commerce Managers 
 looking to increase awareness and sales through multiple affiliate, sales and marketing channels.
Persona 4
eCommerce Marketing Specialist
 who wants to add extra value to their current setup through data enrichment, transformation and optimization.
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Product Feed Management made easy.


WakeupData works with tools you already use in your marketing, sales and product management to deliver time and money-saving solutions.

Create compelling, channel-ready product feeds without having to write a single line of code

Integrate with multiple marketplaces, and be safe in the knowledge that your product data will be consistent, high-quality and frequently updated.

Why WakeupData?

Selecting WakeupData means you are selecting a team of industry experts, who are experienced at adapting solutions to meet your needs. When it comes to your product data, we're on your side from the start. You will find the tools, features and support at your fingertips whenever you need.

Product Feed Management
Google Comparison Shopping Service Partner
Save 20% on ad spend
Dynamically transform images
To boost engagement
On-demand web crawler
Get hold of any extra data you need
Agency Offerings
Tailored to your needs
Dedicated Support Team
On-hand when you need

Wakeupdata allows me, a person with no programming background, build the feed by myself from scratch and customize it as I go, which definitely has the potential to be a big time-saver.

- Joni Helminen, Senior Specialist - OMD Finland

WakeupData comes in as an extended arm which can lift up their feeds and improve the marketing possibilities we have with said client.

- Thomas Erlandsen, Sales & Partner Manager - Shopalike

The partnership that we have with WakeupData is very valuable and it is a testament of the flexibility of the product and the team behind it.

We always look for suppliers that go the extra mile and with WakeupData we know that will happen and beyond.

- Jens Pytlich, Digital Marketing Manager, Salling Group

Thanks to WakeupData you can basically spend your time optimizing in other areas of online marketing, while the feed generates sales and revenue for you. 

- Jesper Tønder, Nullam Specialist

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