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We have to talk about the untapped potential of your product data. 

It feels great to find the exact product that you are looking for online, right? As an ecommerce specialist you know how hard is to get to that point. How complex things seem to be. 

And yet. Thanks to digital products and e-commerce, millions of people across the globe have managed to sell their goods online. Even during a pandemic. 

Why are we saying this now?

Well, Product Feed Management and ecommerce have a reputation for being a bit geeky and complicated. Plus, having a great product with bad product data is like having a great joke to tell with fear of public speaking. It doesn't make you laugh! 

Since 2014 we've helped hundred of e-commerce professionals, by offering the most flexible data integration platform in the market. 

And since 2014 we've also  learned and watched how many issues kept coming back. We've watched you (in a non-creepy way) and listened to your pain points.

Who is this for?

Insights is for anyone who wants to have more impact and control over their data. It's for ecommerce specialists, ppc managers, product feed managers - anyone who works with product data and wants more actionable insights.

It’s not for people who only want to get their product data from A to B - and not care about the process - or the improvements along the way.

It’s for people like you, who want to do work they’re proud of and create the maximum amount of value from their product data.
The landscape of feed management tools is larger than ever. A new perspective is needed. With our brand new product "Insights", we have worked towards a new AI paradigm.

"Insights" is a fresh, modern and clean start. It is an ecommerce product analytics tool that brings clear analysis and recommendations to product conversions,  sales, price competitor monitoring and product ads,  bringing time savings and control. 
We are launching Insights BETA.

Want to be part of this new chapter in the eCommerce industry?
Sign up here to get early access, we'll be in touch shortly.