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Over the past 5 years we have been building a network of partners with Marketing Agencies and Web Bureaus. Thanks to this experience and meaningful conversations, we understand the market and we know that every business and every agency is different from one another. Although every single one of them will have a goal in mind: to make their clients successful.

Today we want to explain the Feed marketing partnerships we offer:


Product Partnership.

You will be mastering the product, you keep the control. Become a Feed Master.

With this partnership model, our Business Development Managers and Customer Success team makes sure that your internal PPC Managers and Programmatic marketing specialists get the most of our solutions, you will get a tailored onboarding and training package priced according to your business needs, so your company can get a competitive advantage, increase profitability and save costs and resources.


Strategy Partnership.

We do the heavy lifting for you.  


We are market leaders in Scandinavia in the field of Data Feed Management and Data Integrations, and have set up hundreds of clients with online multichannel strategies through our solutions. What does this mean for you and your business?

You decide whether you want us involved in the conversation with your client or whether you remain the single point of contact for them, while we work in the background.

We set up everything for you and your clients in the blink of an eye - saving you time and money while providing the results you need. In short, you get your own feed management department which you can use for all your clients whenever you need.


Our Referral program.

Triple Win. 


No software company can live without a Referral program. Trust is embedded in our DNA and as such we have a Referral program for designated partners that trust our solutions and advocate for them to their clients.

Using our referral program is easy, you identify a client that can benefit from our Product Feed Optimization, Business Intelligence or CSS solutions. Then, if you qualify their interest to grow their online sales using WakeupData you will get a % of the revenue they generate. Simple and pragmatic. We call it a “Triple Win”.


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