About our partnership

Kvantum has been on-board since 2016 and gets early access to many of our new feed management features and also provide great feedback on improving the functionality of new features.

About Kvantum

Kvantum is not just an agency. They are a team of eCommerce marketing experts with one single mission: to build strong e-commerce brands through data insights, solid business understanding and good craftsmanship.

They create well-thought-out e-commerce solutions and digital marketing strategies that make a difference - both for your business and for your customers.

At Kvantum they believe that a collaboration with them must be visible on your the bottom line - otherwise they have not done our job properly.

They will look at your brand holistically, based on data, insights and solid business understanding, and believe that solid brands are built through great customer experiences and effective interactions across channels and platforms.


I would recommend WakeupData for two reasons, one is a close collaboration with the Customer Service Team, and the other is the clear improvement we see in eCommerce marketing performance for our clients.

Rasmus Frølund Thomsen
CTO & Founding Partner

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