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Web2Media has been using the WakeupData platform since 2015 and has been closely involved in the development of many of the features. Web2Media bring many years of industry knowledge and experience to our disposal for testing new ideas.

Web2Media Client Case


Learn how fashion retailer Kaufmann improved their CTR 268% and increased their revenue by 44% by implementing a feed based approach to their paid advertising. 
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About Web2Media

With more than 75 digital experts on the team, Web2Media is helping both B2C and B2B clients in all verticals to grow their online businesses to new heights. 

Web2Media is a believer in giving more than expected, and as a digital marketing agency they consider themselves successful when their customers develop and grow their businesses.

In the past Web2Media has shown their efficiency through the success of their customers, with Web2Media clients growing more than double the average growth for comparable businesses.

With a dedicated feed management department and as Premium WakeupData Partner you can trust that Web2Media will be able to help you grow your business through fully optimised product feeds.


The biggest benefit for our clients' performance is, when using WakeupData, we are able to create super optimised feeds, that fits the specifications of the individual sales channels.

Thomas Overgaard
Consultant & Feed Specialist

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