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Additional Features:
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Frequent Updates
Near-realtime updated feeds / hourly runs.
Dynamic Search Ads
Take up more SERP space with dynamic, product based Google Search Ads.
Social Ad Images

With WakeupData's Image Transformations you can add layers of data to your product images; Prices, Discounts, Seasonal graphics or Sales and Offer badges.

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Transform your product images for social ads with Image Transformations.


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Incremental Updates
Only update the data that needs to be updated frequently ie. prices and stock. Up to 100k SKUs.
Competitor Monitoring
Get insight into your competitors' pricing strategies and use the data to enrich your feeds.
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Background Removal
Remove messy or coloured backgrounds from your product images, automatically!
0 removals
Crawl Websites
Collect product data from your website to create a product feed from scratch.
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Scrape From Websites
Scrape specific data from your website and merge it to your product feed.
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Consultancy Hours
Add monthly consultancy hours to your plan at half the cost.
0 hours
WakeupData CSS Google Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)

As a prize winning Premium Google CSS Partner, WakeupData can get you a 20% reduction on the cost of your Google Shopping CPC.
If you set up a Google Shopping feed in WakeupData you will automatically get the WakeupData CSS included.

But, as a standalone service, you can also use our CSS without committing to any of our platforms. In that case, prices start from €35 per month for the first domain.

Paying yearly saves you 10%
  • Plan price: €0 /mo
  • Add-ons price: €0 /mo
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Paying yearly saves you 10%
  • Plan price: €0 /mo
  • Add-ons price: €0 /mo
  • Total €0€0 /mo

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Let's find the right plan for you

We have plans for Brands, Enterprises and Agencies. Our pricing is based on SKU count and you only pay for the features/solutions you use - build a plan that fits YOUR needs with our transparent pricing.

There are no hidden fees and we never ask for a revenue share.

When you fill in the this form you will be able to pick a date for a quick video call where we will discuss your challenges and suggest improvements.

When we have mapped out your requirements your free trial will start - unless you want to jump straight in and become more efficient and successful in your digital advertising, straight away. 

"WakeupData’s feed transformation solution allowed us to transform the client’s feed into not only a usable format for us that we can use to fetch data into our dynamic banners, but to also filter out models and information from the feed we didn’t want there"
OMD, Finland

Why use WakeupData?

We give you the ability to maximize your feed marketing efforts, in order to save time and effort while reducing overall costs and increasing conversions. 

Choosing WakeupData means you can empower your e-commerce business by combining and merging any data set with your product data feed, so you can optimize it and send it on to any given price comparison portal, marketplace, affiliate platform or marketing platforms.

14 days to prove ROI for your setup
Versatile platform to meet your needs
Google LIA to grow your omni-channel success
Increase ROI and CTR with better data quality
Prioritized actionable insight on product data
Generate agency reports to help your clients

How to get started

At WakeupData we always aim for a smooth and efficient on-boarding to help you get the most from our product feed management platform. The only thing required to get started is a "Let's go!" From there we can have you active typically within 1-2 weeks.
Step 1

Book a demo to discuss requirements

You can either book a time in our calendar yourself or we will reach out to start a conversation.
Step 2

Demo and requirements agreed

We will setup your first feed so your 14 day free trial can get started for your first channel.
Step 3

Access to the WakeupData platform

You can manage your feed and channel to improve your data quality.
Step 4

Evaluation and
proof of ROI

During the trial period you are welcome to upgrade to a paid plan to add more channels, feeds and/or add-ons.
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