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Case - Silvan

Written by Admin, Posted on March 5, 2018
(Last Updated: November 05, 2019)

"WakeupData has been a great marketing and integration partner. Their consultancy and support processes are fast and reliable.
Value created is shortly way higher than the price paid."
Søren-Peter Sørensen
Digital marketing manager, e-Commerce 


Silvan doubles click rates with optimized product information

WakeupData pushes top quality product data by carefully selecting relevant attributes of each item for high click performance on PriceRunner.

Pricerunner screenshot

Attributes that can create direct positive effect to visibility and clicks are chosen and the result is clear: in this case Silvan's ecommerce store have been receiving double the amount of clicks since they have implemented our new and optimized product feed.

Display correct information by website and feed comparison


Silvan also uses WakeupData's Check, a  data control service. This special solution allows clients to compare their website and feed data - eliminating any kind of irregularities including pricing issues. 

Besides making sure prices provided to one of our channel partners, PriceRunner, are always correct, we can also easily find website errors.

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