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Posted on February 22, 2024 (Last Updated: February 26, 2024)

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WakeupData and Intersport's relationship exemplifies the strategic integration of innovative technology in e-commerce to generate significant growth while also working towards better service through seamless buying experiences between online and physical stores. 

WakeupData, known for its expertise in e-commerce data feed optimisation, especially for its experience in complicated feed setups, collaborated with Intersport, a global leader in athletic goods retail, to forge a partnership that transformed Intersport's digital commerce landscape by utilising LIA on Google. This case study digs into the increased efficiency, reduced costs and higher sales of Intersport by implementing a proper feed management system and incorporating Local Inventory Ads into their e-commerce strategy.

These solutions had a significant impact, catalysing a spectacular increase in Intersport's e-commerce performance by both driving traffic to physical stores, doubling their SKUs count online, increasing their hit rates and store visits.

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This collaboration not only expanded Intersport's sales but also demonstrated the revolutionary impact of utilising specialised technology solutions in the competitive world of online shopping and how e-commerce can be utilised to strengthen physical store sales as well. The case demonstrates the benefits of executing clever digital tactics to navigate and flourish in the quickly shifting e-commerce industry while also minimising the ecological footprint.

As mentioned by Retailers Dive “ Customers want freedom and convenience - 23% of online shoppers prefer some form of click-and-collect over having orders delivered to their homes. From a shopper's perspective, click & collect eliminates the risk and cost of missed deliveries.” so purchasing options are of first most importance.



WakeupData was founded in Aarhus, Denmark, to create high-quality product feed integrations for even the most complicated setups. They have built a reputation for clarifying complex topics, automating repetitive operations, and giving clear communication and direction by offering high-quality customer service and technical support. Notably, they have been named a Google Premium CSS Partner as well as Google's Local Inventory Ads partner in Scandinavia.

Intersport International Corporation, located in Bern, Switzerland, was founded in 1968 and is one of the world's major athletic goods retailers. They offer a wide selection of sports clothes, footwear, and accessories through over 5,300 specialist stores in 42 countries, with a turnover of €13.7 billion in 2022.

Their Danish quarters located in Odense wanted to optimise the service they offer to clients by expanding the means their customers can shop.

Since 2013 they have been working on a massive store fulfillment project so the implementation of LIA was a natural step moving forward.

As an international provider, Intersport relies on a strategy of constant customer satisfaction and service development including working on better access to customers to their products.

Challenge: Being digital is not just about online-to-online interactions.

Intersport encountered challenges in optimizing its online presence and managing its product data feeds effectively. These elements were crucial for a robust digital marketing strategy and essential to sustain growth in the fiercely competitive sports retail industry. The challenges were multifaceted:

- Online Presence Optimization: Intersport needed to enhance its visibility in an increasingly crowded online marketplace. This required not only a strong SEO strategy but also a dynamic approach to engaging with customers and providing them with the more and more preferred purchasing method of click and collect or inventory availability showcasing.

- Data Feed Management: Managing product data feeds involves more than just listing products online. It includes ensuring that the product information is accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive. With a vast range of products such as Intersport’s setup, keeping the data feeds updated and error-free was a daunting task for Intersport.

- Consumer Expectations: Modern consumers demand more than just the availability of products. They seek detailed product information, including specifications, pricing, and availability, presented clearly and engagingly. Meeting these expectations was crucial for Intersport to maintain relevance and appeal to its target audience.

- Competitive Landscape: The sports retail market is characterized by high competition, with numerous players vying for customer attention. Standing out in such an environment required innovative approaches to product presentation and marketing strategies.

- Dynamic Market Trends: Keeping up with rapidly changing market trends and consumer preferences is vital in the sports retail industry. Intersport needed a strategy that was not only effective in the present but also adaptable to future market shifts. Furthermore, this provides Intersport with an opportunity to compete with an increased emphasis on fast delivery by simply informing potential customers that they do not need to wait for the goods to be delivered, but that it is already available in their immediate vicinity, ready for them to go and receive.

These challenges underscored the need for a sophisticated solution that could streamline Intersport's digital operations, enhance their online presence, and keep them ahead in the competitive sports retail market. WakeupData’s expertise in data optimization and feed management offered the potential to address these challenges effectively, setting the stage for a transformative collaboration.


WakeupData stepped in with its expertise in product feed management and optimization. After successful product feed setup data optimisation, the partners decided to build strong communication and synergy between digital and physical sales by utilising Local Inventory Ads.

When a retailer provides their product and inventory data to Google, it allows them to be discovered across Google via local inventory ads - it enables them to display the physical presence of their local goods to an audience in the proximity of the given shops across Google ad types.

 However, the collecting, formatting and integrating of this product and inventory data can be challenging - a very technical and time-consuming process, for retailers who are new to inventory feeds or new to digital advertising.

The Local Inventory Ads (LIA) Partner Program provides a network of pre-approved partners that can help prospective retailers onboard their product and inventory data onto Google so they can seamlessly enable local inventory ads. These LIA partners help retailers get started with delivering product and inventory data faster through feed creation, management, and optimization tools specifically built to help omnichannel merchants leverage local inventory ads.

WakeupData also enabled Intersport to maintain as well:

  • Data Accuracy: Ensuring precise and updated product information.
  • Feed Optimization: Improving product titles, descriptions, and categorization for better visibility.
  • Automation: Reducing manual labour and increasing efficiency in data management.
  • Strategic Advertising: Utilizing Google Shopping and other digital platforms for targeted marketing.
  • Flexibility: allowing them to custom their messaging on different platforms to trends, USPs etc.

    How was LIA being set up?

    Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 15.29.53

  • Google Merchant Centre account
  • Google My Business profile (one pr. store)
  • Local Inventory Datafeed
  • Suitable landingpage – either:
  • GHLSF – Google Hosted Local Storefront
  • MHLS – Merchant Hosted Local Storefront
  • Verification of data quality (Google review)
  • Link GMC and Ad Account

    Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 15.33.56

To create a seamless connection between online feeds and store availability the following needs to be extracted:

Product information can be taken from online products if available or from the primary feed. The inventory information -  from the local product inventory feed and the store information - from Google Business Profile.

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 15.34.55



Driving traffic to stores even though still 4 out of 5 shoppers buy online even though they can see the availability at stores. 

In the year 2023, our store visits demonstrated a notable progression across 25 stores, despite a temporary setback in the summer due to an account suspension. The data, observed on a quarterly basis, reveals an encouraging trend. In the second quarter (Q2), there was a slight decline in visits, with the index standing at 97.3 compared to the baseline of 100 in 2022. However, this dip was swiftly countered by a significant surge in the third quarter (Q3), where the headcount index impressively rose to 109.6. This upswing indicates a robust recovery and a substantial increase in store visits. The momentum continued, albeit at a moderated pace, into the fourth quarter (Q4), where the index recorded a healthy 103.8. This consistent improvement, especially after the summer's challenge, underscores our stores' resilience and the effectiveness of our strategies to attract and retain customers. 

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 15.01.52

The monthly store visit statistics for the second half of 2023 present an intriguing narrative of recovery and growth across our stores. In July, the index stood at 94.1, indicating a slight decrease from the 2022 baseline of 100. This dip was short-lived, as August saw a rebound to an index of 102.0, reflecting a resurgence in customer visits. However, September experienced a minor setback, with the index dropping to 96.8, slightly below the baseline.


The real growth momentum began in October, when the index impressively climbed to 105.4, showcasing a significant upturn in in-store visits. This positive trend continued into November and December, with the indices reaching 112.7 and 117.3, respectively. These months not only marked a substantial increase over the 2022 baseline but also indicated steady month-over-month growth in customer footfall. This upward trajectory towards the year's end highlights the effectiveness of our strategies in attracting more visitors and the increasing popularity of our stores during the crucial holiday season.

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Other than the above mentioned, many other performance development goals were noted:

  • Higher efficiency - customers can see sizes of products available, pick them at stores, click and collect them, go directly to a physical store and much more without increasing manpower and thus reducing costs.

  • Increased Visibility: The enhanced product feeds, meticulously optimised by WakeupData, resulted in significantly higher visibility on search engines and shopping platforms. This optimization involved refining product titles, descriptions, and categorizations, ensuring that Intersport's products were more easily discoverable by potential customers. This increased visibility was crucial in driving more traffic to Intersport's online store, thereby expanding its digital footprint and reach.

  • Improved ROAS: WakeupData's expertise in efficient data management and targeted advertising strategies played a pivotal role in boosting Intersport's Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). By intelligently leveraging data and employing strategic marketing tactics, they were able to attract a more relevant audience, leading to higher conversion rates and more effective utilisation of the advertising budget. This improvement in ROAS underscored the value of combining data-driven insights with targeted marketing efforts.
  • Customer Satisfaction: One of the most significant impacts of this collaboration was on customer satisfaction. The accurate and detailed product information provided by WakeupData's optimised feeds enhanced the customer experience and fostered a greater sense of trust. Consumers were able to find the products they needed with ease, accompanied by comprehensive and reliable information. This clarity and reliability in product representation played a critical role in building customer loyalty and encouraging repeat business.
  • Market Competitiveness: In the highly competitive sports retail market, Intersport's strengthened position was a direct outcome of the strategic partnership with WakeupData. The combination of improved product visibility, efficient advertising spending, and enhanced customer satisfaction enabled Intersport to not only meet but exceed market expectations. They were able to differentiate themselves from competitors, offering a superior online shopping experience that resonated with their target audience.

Overall, the collaboration between WakeupData and Intersport exemplifies the transformative potential of strategic partnerships in the digital era. It highlights how effective data management, combined with sophisticated marketing techniques, can lead to comprehensive improvements in various facets of e-commerce performance.



The partnership between WakeupData and Intersport is a testament to the transformative power of digital solutions in propelling e-commerce growth. This collaboration transcended mere technology usage, it represented a synergistic integration of WakeupData's expertise in data optimization and feed management with Intersport's formidable online retail infrastructure.

A key milestone in this strategic alliance was the significant enhancement of Intersport's digital visibility, which played a crucial role in broadening its e-commerce reach. This case stands as a shining example of the synergy between technological innovation and strategic marketing, underscoring the power of such collaborations in achieving remarkable success in the rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

Building on this success, there are now promising opportunities for further expansion through a potential collaboration with Wolt, a renowned delivery platform. This new venture could offer an innovative edge to Intersport, allowing for streamlined, efficient delivery options for customers. By integrating Wolt's advanced delivery network, Intersport could significantly enhance its customer service experience, providing faster and more convenient delivery options. This move would not only cater to the growing demand for quick e-commerce logistics but also strengthen Intersport's position as a forward-thinking player in the digital retail space. 

Such a strategic expansion would further illustrate the limitless possibilities of embracing advanced digital strategies in today's competitive e-commerce landscape.

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