Tips for this Mother's Day!

Posted on May 7, 2021 (Last Updated: December 01, 2023)

Mothers Day is knocking on the door! This means spoiling your mother and thanking her for all the patience and love she has given you.

From a business's point of view, also means season marketing - if you want to benefit from the holiday. This requires some promotional activities.

Well-timed marketing

Seasonal marketing is always a good way to stand out and benefit from a specific time or event. The main reason being the fact that potential customers are expecting it, containing the essential ingredient for any promotional campaign: data and trends.

Seasonal tips

Tips to optimize your campaigns

Add Keywords

Adding seasonal keywords to your search campaigns will increase the chances of your product showing up on the search results. Keywords for popular products may have a wide variation, but seasonal keywords may help to generate most of the search traffic during a specific time of the year.
It’s a good idea to have your content ready and SEO optimized for the promotion. On Mother’s day, there might be a rise in “restaurant” search, spiking along with “flowers”, “jewelry”, ‘shoes”, “clothing”.
Sub keywords are also important and are generally less competitive, here you can play with your campaign and advertising words such as “hero”, “loving”, “inspiration” Taking into consideration the intent of the search is also relevant, this means add location on your product feed - this why your product will appear for searches such as “flower shops near me”
To see trendy keywords and search interests over time visit Google Trends.

Images, images, images

The importance of images in the online space cannot be emphasised enough. Did you know that on average you have about 1.6 seconds to get a user’s attention with your online ads?

An image transformation tool can free you from tens or hundreds of hours of work, and guarantee precision. You can even automate the process with custom labels so your images get the right template for each seasonal sales event. In case you would like to know more, check out our Image transformations page.

Clear communication

 Your campaign should be the center of attention and not the event itself, on that not try your best to be relevant - chose a holiday or season that make sense to your business. Stay selective and focus on events that resonate best with your audience and your unique offering.
Allow extensions on your product, there is no additional cost and it will pass a message of transparency and reliability to your potential customers.

  • Call extensions: Add your companies phone number to the description and allow customers to call your store os customer service.
  • Location extensions: Add your local on the display, this is very useful for “near me” searches
  • Site links: this extension will direct prospects to additional pages of your website.
  • Promotional images: transform the product image to showcase the promotion and add value to the
    offer, emphasize time-sensitive ads.
  • Display promotions and Specials: make sure you are clear in communication promotions on your ads and align them to your landing pages

Understand  your existing and potential customers needs

Not every promotion and holiday is going to apply, try to “get into your target mindset” and focus on their interest.
Try to be as convenient to your customer as possible. Even though consumers search for online offers, vouchers, and deals understandably increased around holiday seasons you might be better off with a different approach, below are some examples.

  • Product: Special flavour, print, or collection.
  • Packages: Special packs or gift bags that are closed and ready.
  • Events: this can be physical events, or encouraging your followers to promote a #.
  • Giveaways: with the increase in social media, giveaways have the power to increase awareness and consequently increase your sales.
  • Social Media Engagement

Keep in mind

It's important to create real value so your product can stand out from the competition, telling a consistent brand story is relevant. Holidays and seasons are a fantastic way to present how your service helps people or how your product is relevant, the critical thing here is to highlight the event and make sure that the customer experience is consistent. 

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Written by Luna Campos

Luna has graduated in Marketing with experience in communication and sales, working with international companies. Our growth marketeer is passionate about ecommerce, digital marketing and fashion.


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