Plantorama omnichannel case study

Posted on April 22, 2022 (Last Updated: May 23, 2022)

Plantorama started as a Danish family business, and has been supplying Denmark with a great assortment of goods for garden, housing and pets since the 1980’s. Since then they have grown to be one of the biggest players in the market with 13 stores all around the country.

Aske Nielsen, Ecommerce Manager at PlantoramaAmong many amazing features in the WakeupData platform, the number one strength is definitely the awesome, knowledgeable team who helps us do everything we can think of in terms of ads/feed setup. I couldn’t be happier with our choice of feed management platform."
Aske Nielsen, Ecommerce Manager at Plantorama


Plantorama and WakeupData

Plantorama’s need for sending optimized data to multiple external platforms and marketplaces was the driving factor to get in contact with a feed management platform like WakeupData.

WakeupData as both a system and company/team are very flexible and allow me to do exactly what I want with my data. Usually I research the market thoroughly but in this particular case I didn’t feel the need to.
Aske Nielsen.

After getting on board with us the real work could start where we put our platforms to use and assisted Plantorama to help them get the most out of the functions offered.

The ability to create rules and the transformation engine have been features we have found particularly appealing, and of course the GREAT support team.
Aske Nielsen.

And of course it is not a one time optimization. Working with feed management is a journey we are delighted to accompany Plantorama on.

The WakeupData team held our hand from start to end of the implementation process and still continues to help setting up what we need.
Aske Nielsen


Plantorama’s Challenges

Getting optimized data to relevant sales and marketing channels like Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Google Shopping, Google LIA, iPaper, Raptor and Agillic. Avoid spending advertising budget on out-of-season products. 

Our solutions

Let us highlight a few of our solutions to help the company overcome these challenges.

Google Shopping

One of the key areas we helped Plantorama with was Google Shopping.“WakeupData has helped to structure data and improve our sales on Google and on our website.” Aske, Ecommerce Manager at Plantorama

Google Local Inventory Ads

With the implementation of Google LIA, Plantorama has taken the next step in their omni-channel journey, improving the buying experience for their customers, and has increased the store visit rate by 46%. At the same time they saw an increase in conversion rate of 9% with Google LIA over traditional Google Shopping Ads.


Custom Labels

One of our focuses has been optimizing ad spend, by filtering products based on different criteria. This includes filtering based on seasons to prevent showing ads for items that are out of season, and according to product availability to only showcase those products that are available in the majority of shops. This way products that don’t meet the criteria set don’t get sent out to channels such as Google Ads and Facebook thus no resources are wasted on undesired ads.

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