Press Release: Feed Based Text Ads in WakeupData Actions

Posted on December 15, 2021 (Last Updated: September 19, 2022)


Product feed based Google Text Ads tool now available for all size companies

Automated feed based Google Text Ads are now available in the WakeupData Actions platform

Aarhus, Denmark: Today, WakeupData ApS, an eCommerce product feed management expert, announced the beta launch of a new tool in their WakeupData Actions platform. 

The Google Text Ads tool enables eCommerce businesses of all sizes to run Google Text Ads based on product data in their product feeds. A method previously only available to large eCommerce companies with 10,000+ products. 

The addition of Google Text Ads makes WakeupData Actions a great platform to understand your product data quality through prioritized actionable insights, monitor your competitors’ prices and run Google Text Ads based on your product feed.

Linking WakeupData Actions with WakeupData Connect makes the perfect eCommerce product feed management platform. Allowing you to use competitor data and product changes from WakeupData Actions in WakeupData Connect. 

To let you get a taste of how you can easily solve time-consuming issues and/or increase ROI on ads, WakeupData is currently offering a free trial on both WakeupData Actions and WakeupData Connect. 

About WakeupData: WakeupData is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform importing, optimizing and distributing eCommerce product data from any source to any sales, affiliate or marketing channel. 

Founded in 2014, in Aarhus, Denmark, WakeupData has a strong presence in Scandinavia and is currently growing in international markets.


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