Prisjakt uses WakeupData as their Feed Management Solution

Posted on January 17, 2020 (Last Updated: June 22, 2020)

We are very pleased to announce a new collaboration with price and product comparison service Prisjakt.

Optimizing and Automating


With a desire for automation in their feed marketing, and the need to minimise time and labour costs, WakeupData's solutions will be able to minimise Prisjakt's time to market while effectively optimizing feeds for their chosen sales and marketing channels. 

Implementation of our feed marketing software also means the Prisjakt team will benefit from eliminating the risk of having products disapproved by exports channels, and be safe in the knowledge that up-to-date products feeds will be performing as desired.


"The best relationship between price and features"

"Working with a small team on several markets, it's crucial for us to find great ways to automate the way we work. For our feed management solution we looked at a number of possibilities but found the best relationship between price and features with WakeUpData.

 At Prisjakt we work a lot with feeds and understand that optimizing the data in the feed is a crucial part of our workflow. In the end it will both save us time and get better results.

 The team at WakeUpData was fantastic in helping us understand the possibilities of their platform and how we can work with and optimize our data feeds. This way we can get the data ready for the different marketing channels that we want to advertise with, such as Google, Bing and Facebook."


Thibaud Oost
Global Paid Search Manager at Prisjatk / PriceSpy


 "We are looking forward to helping Prisjakt by providing them with a seamless means of creating, enriching and delivering optimized data feeds to any sales channels.

It's important for us to keep establishing collaborations like this to continue providing optimal feed marketing solutions to eCommerce businesses across the Nordics and beyond, in order to help businesses get more from feed marketing in 2020."

 Juan Jose Keena
CEO, WakeupData


About Prisjakt / Pricespy




Prisjakt is a comparison site which allows consumers across Europe to look at prices on thousands of products and read user & expert reviews to make the best purchase decisions. 

 For e-commerce retailers in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the UK - Prisjakt/PriceSpy offers an opportunity to expand your audience to reach millions of consumers. Registry of your shop is free and by using WakeupData's pre-made Prisjakt template, you can ensure your feeds meet their own unique product feed specifications.

 Want more info? Get the basics of our Feed Marketing solutions here, or get more info on our Prisjakt integration for your product feeds


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