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Posted on April 25, 2022 (Last Updated: March 20, 2023)

We've seen a lot of bad product images over the years. Low resolution images are just plain ugly and off-white backgrounds detract attention from the product itself. If you have  too much background your actual product just can't be seen by anyone!

Understanding how ecommerce images can be improved is a huge addition to any digital marketer's toolkit. Knowing not only where there is potential for optimization of images, but for which specific products, hands even greater control to WakeupData Actions users. That is why we are continuously working on improving the analytics and insights into your product images.

Many eCommerce sales channels such as Google Shopping and Facebook, have strict regulations regarding the size, formatting and backgrounds of your product images. For example, see the recommendations for a standard Facebook DPA image here:

  • File type: jpg or png
  • Image ratio: 9:16 or 16:9
  • Maximum headline: 25 characters
  • Maximum text: 125 characters
  • Recommended image resolution: 1,080 x 1,080 px
  • If the image has text, keep it under 20% of the image

On top of this, the images of your products play a crucial role in the engagement and interest of potential buyers viewing your products both on and off your website.

Image of WakeupData Actions' product images


How can Image Analytics tests help your business?

Let's take an example to illustrate the value of image analytics:

As an ecommerce manager for an online fashion label, you are about to set up a new Facebook Dynamic Product Ads campaign for a new range of clothing.

You have some knowledge of the data quality for titles and ad copy already, but the product images are all brand new and have not been checked prior to the launch. You also know that the product images are one of the most important elements of your eCommerce ads, particularly for social media channels like Facebook, where the average time to capture a potential customer's interest is around 1.8 seconds.

Images which are of low quality, incorrectly formatted or have non-existent urls are low hanging fruits for marketers who want to dramatically improve the performance of paid ad campaigns.

Image naming common problems such as image missing, non-solid background and duplicate image


Before putting time into finalizing the targeting and setup of the DPA campaign, you want to know where the images aren't meeting the requirements of the industry and channel, and where there are possibilities for improvement.

By entering your Facebook feed url into WakeupData Actions, you are provided with an instant rundown of the optimization possibilities available to improve your data quality - including detailed product image analytics.

Site showing the Important pro problemsduct

WakeupData Actions immediately provides insights into the ecommerce managers' data quality, using industry standards to assess the quality of your product data. For further details on an issue you can find out more by pressing 'show me' on each warning, to view all the products affected.

In the apparel & accessories industry these issues can all negatively impact your product listings' performance. By using WakeupData Actions’ in-platform tools, ecommerce managers can now edit specific product listings and quickly fix any of the highlighted issues in bulk, or by editing single products.

The data is then available for download and syndicated for Google Shopping or Facebook Ads and immediately available  as a CSV or XML file. You can then implement your DPA campaign and be assured that your product images are the best they possibly can be.

Product Image Analysis in WakeupData Actions

Below is an overview of some of the main image analysis tests we have added to the WakeupData Actions platform. All of these are based on industry recommendations, and our 8+ years of experience working with thousands of product feeds across a range of markets, ecommerce channels and industries.

  • Background color is not solid or transparent
  • Background color is not light
  • Very large part of image is background
  • Large part of image is background
  • Excess background in image
  • Image is not squared
  • Image is not in conventional formats
  • Very large image file size
  • Large image file size
  • Low resolution image
  • Duplicate images
  • Image is too large
  • Image does not exist

New update of February 2022 

As we’re continuously trying to update and improve our platform for providing the best experience, here is one new feature for you. 

When viewing the “Product Images” (1) section under Products, click “Show” (2)  to load your images and see how many products use each image.
Screenshot of Product images

The blue icon (3) allows you to get a more detailed description of the product’s colors, resolution, format and some url information. With the help of this feature, you can see what is the dominant color, as well as how many % does the color have of the image.

A product image's analysis: dominant colours, resolution etc.

Want to try out the new Image Analytics tests for yourself?

Simply head over to your WakeupData Actions account and you will see your list of possible optimizations (if you can't see any image-related suggestions on the list of optimizations - well done, your images passed all the tests!).

Haven't created a WakeupData Actions account yet?
Simply head over to our WakeupData Actions page to get an insight into the platform. If you like what you see (we think you will!), you can enter your own Google Shopping or Facebook feed url and start getting valuable insights into your data quality.

If you have any questions about any of the above or product feed optimization and feed management in general, feel free to get in touch. We are here to help you be more efficient.

Written by Cristina Taran

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