What role does AI play in improving your PPC campaigns?

Posted on October 4, 2023 (Last Updated: October 11, 2023)

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In the past year, we have witnessed rapid growth in terms of the development, and adoption spread of AI and it slowly become a part of day-to-day lives. From powering navigation maps to autocorrecting and the notorious chatbots, we all try to stay on top of the wave with all the latest benefits it comes with.

The world of PPC is being revolutionised by artificial intelligence more than ever. C-level professionals are always on the lookout for how to automate their team's efficiency, how to cut costs and optimise efficiency.

We, at WakeupData, as a software provider, aim to deliver our customers with not simply a feed management tool but a solution that is constantly under further development. Our development team is working day and night to release our latest feature - a Chat GPT integration into our platform - assisting marketing professionals with generating titles, descriptions and so on.

The above inspired us to bring the topic of AI into our blog and talk a little bit about how to use it to enrich PPC efforts in ten practical ways.


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AI in the realm of Digital Marketing

To properly open up the topic, we need to explain what AI stands for and how can it be utilised in the world of Digital Marketing.

The world-accepted definition of AI is the theory and development of computer systems that are capable of performing tasks usually requiring a human brain, such as visual perception, decision-making, speech recognition and translation.

In digital marketing, the analysing of large amounts of data at speed, learning from data and reasoning with it and then making important data-based decisions is what AI is being used for.

Due to its speed of repetitive task completion, pattern recognition and so on, it has proven to be very useful and time-saving.  

The impact of AI on online ads

Well, then why do we still need advertisers? If it only was that easy. Machine learning is far from taking over all the work but there is still a lot to benefit from, helping working with data being more productive.

Before spilling the beans, we can take a quick walk through some of the major advantages of using AI in PPC for this year.

Advanced Targeting

Harnessing the power of AI in PPC is like having a super-smart friend helping you chat with the right people at just the right moment. Imagine this: AI spots the little details and patterns we often miss, guiding us towards the perfect crowd.

Why is all this magic possible? Well, it's all about the data. Think of data as the secret sauce that gives AI its flavour. So, the more campaign info we gather, the tastier the results! Instead of slogging through manual setups with keywords and audiences, AI offers a snazzier, smarter way to target.

Take the Performance Max campaigns, for example. They're like your smart shopping buddy who knows exactly who's interested in what you're selling. By tapping into the brainpower of machine learning and listening to audience hints, they roll out the red carpet across all of Google's cool spots - from Search and YouTube to Shopping and even Maps. It's all about connecting, but on a turbo-charged level!


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Diving into the benefits of AI in paid search advertising, one of the standout features is automation. With AI's help, PPC campaigns are streamlined and more intuitive, making tasks like keyword selection, bid management, ad timing, asset development, and targeting straightforward and efficient.

The magic of automation in PPC is undeniable. It's not just about making tasks easier,  it's about efficiency. Automation allows advertisers to redirect their focus from routine tasks to broader strategies, which is both a time-saver and a cost-cutter.

Further, AI often brings a level of precision and speed that's hard to match manually, particularly when it's parsing through large sets of data. Still, while AI is a powerful tool, advertisers need to stay in the loop, especially in areas like content creation, ensuring that human insight guides the process.


Diving into the perks of using AI in PPC, the top of the list has to be serving up super-personalized ads that feel just right for each viewer. Think of AI as that keen observer who's got a knack for understanding what users like and why they like it. Using this goldmine of insights, AI crafts ads that feel tailor-made, as if they've been stitched just for you.

What's super impressive is how AI does this not just for a handful, but for massive audiences. Achieving this level of personalization manually? Whew, that's a tall order!

To paint a clearer picture: with AI's magic touch, even deciding which ad headline and description duo will charm a user becomes a breeze. It's like having a sneak peek into past performances of users with similar tastes, helping AI predict which ad words will strike the right chord for each individual. It's all about connecting the dots to get the perfect fit!

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7 Ways AI Can Enhance Your PPC Campaigns:

  • Automated Ad Creation and Optimization: Creating and optimizing ad copy is a time-consuming aspect of PPC ad campaigns. AI offers the automation of this process, generating ad copy that resonates with your target audience.

AI-powered tools employ machine learning algorithms to analyze ad performance and create optimized ad copies. They can fine-tune ad headlines, descriptions, images, and landing pages to maximize click-through rates (CTRs), reducing the human effort to ideation and trend monitoring.

  • Streamlined Keyword Research: Keyword research is pivotal for PPC campaigns' success. AI tools simplify this process, swiftly identifying high-converting keywords.

Other tools utilize AI algorithms to assess search volumes, competition, and trends, aiding in pinpointing the best keywords for your PPC campaign. Additionally, various AI-powered free tools are available online, enriching digital marketers' and advertisers' content strategies.

  • Precise Ad Targeting: Ad targeting is critical in PPC advertising to ensure optimal ROI. AI-powered tools like AdRoll leverage machine learning to analyze user behaviour and identify the most suitable audience segments.

AdRoll can target users based on demographics, interests, and browsing history, guaranteeing that your ads reach the right audience.

  • Efficient Bid Management: Bid management is crucial in PPC advertising to maximize ROI. AI-powered tools like Kenshoo, Wordstream, and Optmyzr automate bidding and adjust bids in real-time based on user behaviour.

These tools offer diverse packages to align with your campaign budget, centralizing your PPC bid campaigns for budget transparency and revenue generation.

  • Automated Ad Performance Monitoring: Regular ad performance monitoring is vital for PPC campaign success. AI-powered tools like AdEspresso automate this process and alert you to any ad-related issues.

These tools employ various performance metrics to provide real-time insights into your PPC campaign's performance, enabling data-driven improvements.

  • Seamless Campaign Optimization: Ongoing optimization is essential for PPC ad campaigns. AI-powered tools like Wordstream and Jasper.ai automate campaign optimization and identify areas for enhancement.

These AI tools assist in creating compelling content that differentiates your campaign and employs best SEO practices for continuous improvement.

  • Effortless A/B Testing: A/B testing is a key element of PPC advertising to identify the best-performing ad variations. AI-powered tools like Adalyz streamline A/B testing, quickly identifying the top-performing ad variations.

With data-backed insights, you can present your audience with what works best for them, elevating your campaign's effectiveness.

In the realm of digital marketing, success hinges on leveraging multiple advertising channels to reach your target audience. In addition to the advantages offered by AI for enhancing PPC performance, Feed optimisation platforms such as WakeupData can be the key to well-optimised, channel-tailored ads.

Do you want to learn more about the latest trends in the world of eCommerce - then read our article on the topic and stay up to date with any novelties.

Written by Kamelia Pusheva

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