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Posted on December 1, 2019 (Last Updated: August 06, 2021)

Tradedoubler is an international performance marketing platform, who help users to grow their online sales and find new customers for their businesses by linking advertisers with 180 000 + relevant publishers.

Across 83 countries, Tradedoubler operate their pay-for-performance model, delivering a clear ROI for each and every client (source). They work with 2000 leading brands in 2017 alone they generated €8.2 billion in revenue for their clients through e-commerce and mobile commerce.

As an online retailer, you can get connected with Tradedoubler in a few easy steps and use their solutions to maximise the investments you make in digital marketing.

Why should you use Tradedoubler?

Tradedoubler's data-driven affiliate marketing solution uses insights and expertise to deliver you the best results. 


tradedoubler interface

Source: Tradedoubler


Tradedoubler also understand that not each and every ecommerce retailer wants the same setup. Therefore they take the time to study their clients needs to deliver a full-tailored solution for their digital marketing strategy. 

They also offer an exclusive account management service, driven by performance to create the results their clients need. 

Your Tradedoubler product feed

You can register an account with Tradedoubler by completing a short form.

Once you have an account, you can pick your unique token by logging in and going to Settings>Management>Manage tokens.

Required Tradedoubler feed fields with a description of each field

Field Name Field Description

Product category (categories)

The parent of the categories attributes (product ID, name, Tradedoubler category name).

Product ID (id)

ID of the Tradedoubler category that the product is mapped to.

Name (name)

Product name.

Product description (description)

Long description of the product.

Product title (title) 

Title of the product.

Product price (price)

Full price of the product, using numbers and decimals but no currency symbols (e.g. 10 or 10.00 or 9.99).

Product image (productImage)

Parent of the image attributes (URL, width, height)

Product image URL (url)

Link to an image of the product (image size of 500x300 is good).

Product URL (productUrl)

Link to the product page on the website.

Internal roduct ID (sourceProductId)

Unique product ID. This is used to determine if you are posting a new product or updating an existing one.


Optional Tradedoubler feed fields with a description of each field:

Field Name Short description

Tradedoubler category name (tdCategoryName)

Name of the Tradedoubler category that the product is mapped to.

Image width (width)

Width of the product image in pixels.

Image height (height)

Height of the product image in pixels.

Product availability (availability)

E.g. in stock, out of stock, available 12-24-2017

Brand name (brand)

Product brand name.

Product condition (condition)

What condition the product is in, e.g. new, excellent, used, etc.

Delivery time (deliveryTime)

How long it takes to get the product delivered.

Product identifiers (identifiers)

Parent of the identifiers attributes (EAN, SKU, UPC, ISBN, MPN)

Product SKU (sku: SKU)

Stock keeping unit number.

EAN (ean)

European article number

UPC (upc)

Universal product code

ISBN (isbn)

International standard book number

MPN (mpn)

Manufacturer part number

In stock (inStock)

Number of items of the product in stock.

Product manufacturer (manufacturer)

Name of manufacturer

Product model (model)

Name of model

Promotional text (promoText)

Promotional text for the product.

Shipping cost (shippingCost)

Cost of getting the product shipped. Use numbers and decimals but no currency symbols.

Short description (shortDescription)

Description of product in 1-2 sentences.

Product size (size)

Size dimensions of the product.

Technical specifications (techSpecs)

Technical specifications for the product.

Warranty (warranty)

Warranty information on the product.

Product weight (weight)

Weight of the product, e.g. 25kg

Additional fields (fields)

You can add as many optional fields as you like.


Getting started with Tradedoubler

What formats does Tradedoubler accept?

Tradedoubler accepts JSON, XML and CSV files.

How to send your feed to Tradedoubler

When posting your request, you need to tell the service what kind of content you are posting. Tradedoubler only accepts UTF-8 as character set so this needs to be used and specified in the ‘Content Type’ header.

With a feed marketing tool like WakeupData, we help hundreds of clients in creating, optimizing, validating and managing your Tradedoubler feed is simple.

Within the WakeupData platform, we offer pre-made Tradedoubler template (below). This is structured to the specific channel requirements, ensuring your feed is in the correct format and giving you the best results for your affiliate marketing campaigns. 

Tradedoubler template

To get started with selling on Tradedoubler today through WakeupData's tailored feed marketing solutions, simply book a meeting below. Our feed marketing experts will be able to guide you through the entire process, starting with importing and optimizing your feed in order to boost your sales across a wide affiliate marketing network.


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