WakeupData Product Update February 2022

Posted on February 9, 2022 (Last Updated: March 28, 2023)

At WakeupData we are all about constantly improving and perfecting our products to best cater to your needs. We are excited to share our latest updates with you.

WakeupData Connect improvements

Let’s start with the changes in our versatile feed management tool, Wakeupdata Connect. 

Easier access to WakeupData Actions from Connect

We have created new shortcuts on projects linked to WakeupData Actions to make it easier to jump to and manage your project in Actions.

The Actions interface is now accessible directly from the projects overview.  

Projects overview

As well as from the improvements suggestions in the project view.

Project view

Import filtering manual

We have added a section on how import filtering works to provide more information on the process. For even more details, you can also see our knowledge base article on Import Filtering on your product feed. 


Stronger manual mapping interface

Several issues on settings not loading correctly have been fixed. These include an issue in field conversions where variants were not filtered correctly in the test view interface and problems on import action page amongst others. An error handling tool for field conversions has been added, which can be a huge help if the step or the expression had been deleted.

Mapping interface

Option to map fields that are not visible in an XML

An extra menu has been added to the mapping interface, allowing you to map non-visible fields in your feed.  

"Add non-visible fields" in mapping interface

Excel channels 

You can now convert a CSV export into a real Excel file by going to the sender and changing the file type to ‘.xlsx’. The output will be the feed as an Excel file that can either be sent on a URL or through an FTP server. Check our knowledge base article How to create Excel export channels to get started.

New API endpoint

New status endpoint per project is now accessible, giving you vital information about how well the project and the channels are running. This will for example allow you to integrate the feed activities in external dashboards. 

Example output:

Example output

WakeupData Actions improvements

Besides the changes made in Connect, a new improved interface and some new functions are introduced under Google Text Ads in WakeupData Actions.

New interface

An error page has been added for some Google Ads issues, along with connection handling.

Google Text Ads

General improvements have been made to the user interface, problem/issue handling and explanations in the platform. It is now also possible to set prices of ad groups. 

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Written by Anett Ács

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