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Posted on January 18, 2019 (Last Updated: December 04, 2023)

We are always striving to deliver solutions which help to solve our clients' problems in ecommerce and data feed management. In the following example we were able to discuss with our client, Cashott Copenhagen, what they wanted to do and then outline how that outcome could be achieved.

About Cashott 

cashott logo

A Danish shoe design company based in Lunderskov, Cashott was founded by experienced shoe designer Jens Schøtt. By developing a characteristic Danish style using quality products Cashott Copenhagen has established a place in leading shoe stores in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic region, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Poland, Austria, Greece and Italy.


The initial problem

Like many online marketplaces, Miinto has strict quality policies for merchants, when it comes to connecting with their platform. Initially, Cashott Copenhagen had been trying to carry out this integration internally.

They then contacted the team at WakeupData to see if we could provide assistance in overcoming the issues with integrating their products to Miinto


The process

After having a chat with the client and analyzing their feed, we were able to establish that we would be able to help them, since the data Cashott Copenhagen needed to include in the feed could be extracted from a pre-existing feed.

Let's take an example to illustrate this: 

Their titles were too comprehensive for Miinto, who specify that they only want the titles almost on a basic category level.

Therefore, instead of the original, more complex, title, which looked something like this:

Cashott 19162-60 Sandal Sort 

We were able to use an Expression to extract a specific word from a given list, if the title contains that word. We quickly created a list of the different potential “titles” and used this Expression to extract them from the original titles.

See our explainer video below to see how straightforward this expression is:



The reason that Miinto specifically wants to receive titles like that is that their system already combines titles with attributes such as brand, color, gender, etc. Therefore, a product title should be as “clean” as possible, in order for Miinto to create the best titles to be shown on their platform.

Another example

Gender is also needed in the feed for Miinto, represented as either an F or an M. Cashott Copenhagen only had the values Male/Female, which we easily fixed using another Expression.

The same was true for the availability category which, in Cashott’s own feed, were shown as “yes/no” – we translated that to the correct Miinto accepted values.

Again, you can see below how our expression engine was able to correct these factors:



The material of the product as well as their washing instructions are also mandatory Miinto feed fields. Furthermore, these two values had to be included in JSON format. This was also easily done through our Expression Engine.

The outcome

Due to the strict regulations on product feeds, Cashott had initially experienced some difficulty in integrating successfully. With the support of the WakeupData team, we were able to help provide the solutions which could solve the issues. 

Miinto export WakeupData

Our good relations with Miinto made sure that the updated feed was validated within just a few days and ready for the client to use in their online campaigns - on a brand new sales channel.

The next step?

Our ongoing work with Cashott Copenhagen now involves adding Swedish prices to the feed.

This will be done by merging a Google Sheet on top of the original import, thereby adding it to the data we are able to use in their feed(s). To make it as easy for the client as possible, we downloaded an Excel version of their import and isolated their GTINs and titles, meaning they simply needed to add the correct Swedish price for their products.

This was then created as a Google Sheet that they have access to. Since the Google Sheet is merged onto the import, any changes made to the Sheet will be added to the import and thereby to the Miinto feed in the next coming import (the feed updates automatically every 24 hours).

"Through our ongoing work with Cashott we are helping to solve potentially major issues with our tailored solutions.

They have already been able to start selling on a new sales channel and are now expanding into a new market - we are looking forward to supporting them as they continue their expansion."

Karl Reynolds,
Business Development Manager, WakeupData


Talk to one of our team to hear how our feed management platform can help your business expand to new sales channels and ecommerce markets like Cashott Copenhagen.

Alternatively, check out our Resources which provides e-books, guides and further Client Cases - outlining how we solve complex problems with simple processes. 


Written by Ben Culpin

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