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Posted on September 20, 2023 (Last Updated: October 13, 2023)



The goal: Boost Sales

In the dynamic world of digital commerce, Company X stands out as a formidable presence. As a B2C e-commerce entity partnered with Transact, Company X operates four distinct brands, each catering to unique niches within the digital market. However, despite their impressive portfolio, the company faced a common challenge – how to boost sales while maintaining a favourable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

This delicate balance between expanding revenue and managing advertising costs required strategic thinking and a commitment to data-driven decision-making.

Company X‘s agency Transact approached this challenge with determination and a clear strategy. Their overarching objective was not merely to replicate their past successes but to exceed them.

To ensure their path to success was well-guided, they adopted a meticulous approach that revolved around optimizing their Shopping campaigns. The goal was simple but profound: to make it easier for their customers to discover exceptional and highly sought-after items from their extensive collection. Achieving this demanded a multifaceted approach that incorporated thorough data analysis and a rigorous A/B testing methodology.

The cornerstone of their strategy was the pursuit of a well-balanced equation: increased sales with a proportionate reduction in advertising costs. The complexity of this challenge was not lost on Company X, and Transact were willing to put in the effort required to meet it head-on.

The outcome

The transformative effects of Transact's efforts became strikingly evident following the implementation of WakeupData's software platform to optimize their product feeds. The impact on their customers' shopping experience was profound.

The optimization process delivered a remarkable 41% increase in clicks. This surge in engagement meant that customers were not only visiting Company X's digital storefronts but also actively exploring and engaging with their product offerings. Moreover, there was a notable 21% boost in impressions, indicating that Company X's products were successfully reaching a wider and more diverse audience. This was a testament to their enhanced visibility in a crowded digital marketplace.

Beyond engagement metrics, the optimization process had a tangible impact on the bottom line. Advertising costs were significantly reduced, with a substantial 40% decrease. This newfound efficiency allowed Company X to allocate their resources more judiciously, ensuring that every advertising dollar was spent wisely.

Perhaps the most crucial outcome was the astounding 77% increase in conversions. This was the ultimate validation of their efforts – more customers were not just browsing but also making purchases at an unprecedented rate. The exceptional growth in performance surpassed all expectations and demonstrated the potential for continued expansion and success.

Company X's Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) also witnessed a remarkable 20% growth, underscoring the software platform's outstanding success. With these impressive results in hand, Company X was well-equipped to continue thriving and providing their customers with an exceptional shopping experience. Their journey was a testament to the power of data-driven optimization and a strategic approach to navigating the digital commerce landscape.

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The solution

In their quest for optimization, Transact turned to the versatile feed management tool, WakeupData. This decision was pivotal and marked a turning point in their journey. By leveraging the raw feed data, Transact embarked on a comprehensive endeavour to revamp Company X's product feeds, and the results were nothing short of impressive.

Yet, before fully committing to this transformation, they needed to substantiate its worthiness. This required more than anecdotal evidence. It necessitated hard data to quantify the impact of their optimization efforts. To achieve this, Transact conducted a rigorous A/B test. This testing process was a testament to their commitment to data-driven decision-making, even in the absence of built-in A/B testing functionality within the Google Shopping platform.

The pursuit of concrete evidence was critical for the agency. It was a way to validate their efforts, understand their true impact, and make informed choices moving forward. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, where every advertising dollar counts, this commitment to rigour was their guiding principle.


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The Process 

Enhancing the shopping experience was at the core of Transact’s strategy for Company X. They believed that by empowering customers with easily understandable information, they could guide them towards making informed purchasing decisions. To this end, they conducted a series of tests to explore the effectiveness of different product attributes.

These tests were not conducted in isolation, instead, they formed a comprehensive approach that spanned all four countries where Company X operated. This inclusivity ensured that the analysis was not limited to a single market, making the results more accurate and reliable. Transact recognized that Company X's customer base was diverse, and catering to their varying needs was essential.

A significant milestone in this process was the deployment of WakeupData's scraping capabilities. This innovative tool allowed Transact to extract valuable information from product landing pages with ease. This enriched their data pool and provided deeper insights into customer behaviour and preferences.


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