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WakeupData pleased to be supporting HiFi Klubben in expanding to new markets

Written by Ben Culpin, Posted on August 20, 2019
(Last Updated: August 14, 2020)

We are proud to be working with Danish company HiFi Klubben to help with their ecommerce efforts in expanding to new European markets.


HiFi Klubben is an audio and visual electronics supplier, operating 101 physical stores across Scandinavia, alongside a online store.


As with all new clients, we started our discussions with HiFi Klubben by listening to their painpoints, their approach and future targets first, and then tailored our support and guidance to help them in the most effective ways possible.

Since our initial meeting, we've been able to use our feed management platform to import, optimize, merge and enrich their product data so they can sell more on any sales channel in any market they want to expand into, helping to maximise their ROI. 

The results of our work so far

By implementing our feed marketing solutions, they have been able to save time and costs by importing a single master feed to our platform, and using this as the basis to export multiple feeds to all the sales channels of their choice. 

As a result of our preliminary work, HiFi Klubben have more structured and segmented feeds which match specific image and content requirements of certain sales channels, meaning they can effectively monitor the performance of their new, optimized feeds

In the forthcoming weeks we'll be publishing more on our ongoing support of their digital marketing campaigns.

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