Can you get Amazon products listed on Google Shopping?

Posted on September 25, 2020 (Last Updated: January 25, 2024)

If you are an Amazon merchant, there is a straightforward way to use Google Shopping for promoting your Amazon products. Choosing to take this step is a way of expanding you reach to a new audience and helping to increase ecommerce conversions.

Let's take a look at how Google Shopping Ads work, and how to get your Amazon products listed on Google Shopping. 

About Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads, or product listing ads, are Google’s paid shopping campaign program which showcases and promotes your products. They are located on top of paid search ads and organic listings (pictured below).

shopping ads


These ads display a product image, price, seller’s name, and other details such as shipping information to potential buyers. This allows buyers to preview products before clicking on ads and being sent to a website.

Google Shopping Ads

To use Google Shopping ads, you need to link your Merchant Center to Google Ads . Once linked, your product data will dicate how and where your ads will show. Management of the shopping ads is done in Google Ads, where you can organize and promote of items using ad groups or campaigns.

You don’t have to create unique ads manually to leverage Google Shopping for Amazon merchants. Rather, Google pulls information such as the image, title, price, and store or business name from your feed directly into an ad.

 The issue Amazon sellers face?

Google Shopping requires you to claim the website from which you are directing traffic. Unless you are the owner of (I'm looking at you Jeff!), you can not claim the website.
If you want to advertise yourself, you will need to own an online sotre, with a full checkout system. 

One technique often used for affiliate advertising via Google Ads is to create specific landing pages. You can also utilize this for Google Shopping via Amazon, creating a landing page which:

  • Advertises your product
  • Shows product reviews, images, descriptions, etc
  • Has affiliate links to Amazon
The result? You advertise your own page with matching display URLs, circumventing restrictions on affiliate links while directing interested traffic to Amazon.

The unfair advantage policy

If you plan to set up your website, or you already have one, and your products are advertised by Amazon on Google Shopping, then you cannot advertise your products again on your own site This is because it violates the unfair advantage policy - and doing so can risk suspension.

The option you have instead is to split your products up, selling one collection on Amazon, and a different collection on your own website. 

The positives of using Google Shopping for Amazon

  1. As stated above, the greatest advantage of doing this is that you can access a much wider range of new searchers and direct prospects to any site. If you are only using Amazon ads, you're limiting yourself to only Amazon customers, who never leave that site.

  2. This strategy also can increase your website’s monthly traffic and give you the possibility to upsell other products in your store.

  3. What's more, for shoppers who don't complete a purchase, it still gives you the chance to capture their info without a conversion through popups or chatbots. This is a limited possibility for merchants selling exclusively in the Amazon platform. 

The negatives of using Google Shopping for Amazon

  1. The main problem you might encounter here is a loss of profits. For example, you might be selling a product for €20 with a profit of €10 for each item sold.
    Selling through an Amazon storefront means paying a commission – about €1 per item for an individual seller – or a scaling variable fee for professional storefronts.

    But once you choose to use  Google Shopping for Amazon products, it can eat into that profit even more. Google ads is a PPC channel, which can easily cost you €2-3 per click to maintain the top spot for your competitive keywords.

    You probably know that plenty of people may click the ad but not purchase the item. Every one of those clicks from a PPC channel is a reduction in possible profits, since you still have to pay for the ads, without any profit.

    So using Google Shopping for Amazon can definitely increase your site's traffic but not necessarily sales or profits.

  2. The other point to weigh up is the level of control that you get when you use Google Shopping for Amazon. Google technically retains most of the control by choosing what ads to trigger based on your product data feed.
    Fortunately, you can make changes to your feed data to maximize the impressions and reach (more info below)

Summing up

Using Google Shopping for Amazon can be a really valuable source of extra traffic. There are a huge number of potential customers that you can direct to your own eCommerce website or to your Amazon store – or to both.

As outlined, doing this brings risks that you'll have to weigh up yourself to decide whether it is worth implementing for your business. 


Written by Ben Culpin

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