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Posted on February 27, 2019 (Last Updated: April 21, 2021)

Festmagasinet are a costume supplier, based in Oslo, Norway. Alongside two physical stores they operate one of the most popular online stores of it’s kind in the country. From their warehouse in Haslevollen they ship out hundreds of items every day.

Before WakeupData’s input, they were struggling to consistently achieve their goals on Google Shopping.

This was because traditional product categorization was not directly relevant for their setup, which needed product listings to be displayed at their ‘high season’ e.g. in the build-up to certain festivities such as Halloween, New Year’s, Christmas, Easter, etc).

The Process

After being approached by Festmagasinet's digital marketing agency Nettrafikk, WakeupData’s Customer Success Manager identified that for this client, Custom Labels would be effective, as the important factor in this process was not the category of the products but their seasonality.


nettrafikk logo

These let users subdivide the products in their feed using values of their own choosing - such as seasonal products, items on clearance, best sellers, etc. These values can then be used for monitoring, reporting, and bidding in their Google Shopping campaigns.

After providing the info to set up product pages and a link to the feed for Google Shopping, we were then able to start segmenting Festmagasinet’s entire product range for Google Shopping ads. This meant they set up custom labels with the relevant products added to each.

For example:

- Custom Label 1 (event) - Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Oktoberfest, New Year


From within the WakeupData platform, it was then simply a matter of applying these custom labels to their feed in a matter of seconds by setting up mappings to segment products.

Once all the custom labels had been set up, it meant that they could push certain products at certain times in these pre-established labels. Nettrafikk simply had to increase their bid on those custom labels at the right time of the year.


The improvements to the feeds were considerable and quick to have a positive effect.
By using the custom labels to target relevant traffic there was little input required from Nettrafikken.

festmagasine results


About Nettrafikk

Nettrafikk is a company with specialists within Google Ads and SEO - also offering web analysis and website creation. Nettrafikk is partly owned by Mood Communications which was accredited Norway’s best media agency in 2018.

They have a big range of clients varying from big brand names like OneCall, Peppes, Plantasjen, Sbanken, Komplett Bank and Fargerike, and smaller clients like Festmagasinet, Tesori, Drogseth and Belong Agency.



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