Client Case - Quickparts. Creating product feeds which increase CTRs

Posted on February 1, 2019 (Last Updated: July 14, 2021)

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver tailored feed marketing solutions which solve our clients' issues. In the latest case with Quickparts we initially listened to their issues and painpoints, then established how we could find a tailored solution to help achieve their goals.


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Quickparts provide the largest independent spare parts wholesaler in the Nordic region with the most used spare parts for all common makes of white goods in stock. With more than 40 years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge, they send over 100 000 good shipments annually to customers across Scandinavia and Europe from their warehouse in Sønderborg, Denmark.


The initial problem 

As stated, Quickparts specialize in selling parts for White Goods.
The issue with some of their data feeds was that 1 part stocked by the company could be used in several different versions/brands/types of products (e.g.washing machines, dishwasher, vacuum).

What this meant was that within a product feed, 1 product might have 15 duplicates because it was listed separately for all the different applications it could be used in.

This then meant that Tridan operating 3 feeds in 3 different countries saw around 200 000 products listed in each feed. This may not sound like a problem but 90% of these were duplicates, which can cause problems for some sales channels and affect overall ranking of individual products.

The Process

Our Production Process always involves sitting with our clients, hearing their painpoints, issues and goals and then establishing how we can help them achieve this. 

Step 1 in the process was asking Quickparts to send us separate csv file. This listed all their products in one attribute and all the manufacturer numbers of the appliences/machines it can work with.

Step 2 was to filter out all duplicate values in their feeds by using our expression engine. You can do this by setting up 'if-based' expressions which remove a certain listing if it is included more than once. 

By the end of this process it meant that we had been able to filter out all of Quickparts' duplicate listings - so they now had just 5100 products listed instead of 200 000+.

Step 3 was to then merge that data to the existing feed and add manufacture numbers into the description instead (as these are searchable on google).

The Outcome 

The main outcome is that Quickparts now have new, agile feeds. Furthermore, they are spending less money than before - no longer paying for 20 ads but just 1.

By analyzing their results from before and after the filtering by WakeupData we have seen an increase in the overall Click Through Rate.

Segmenting their products on Google Shopping has also been able to empower their setup and give improvements across the board. 

Get in touch to find out if we can help you save time and money whilst boosting your revenue like Quickparts have been able to achieve. 

Check out our resources to access more Client Cases, ebooks, guides and explainers. 


Written by Ben Culpin

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