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Posted on January 26, 2023 (Last Updated: May 29, 2024)

We have Christmas, January sales and Valentine's Day behind us, but there is no time to waste, Easter is our next stop. 🐰

Easter blog post

As consumers are looking forward to spending some time at home with their loved ones, online retail players should get ready for an increased demand.

While it might seem obvious that primarily businesses selling sweets, flowers and decorations benefit the most from the holiday, other players shouldn’t entirely forget about this occasion either. The average European consumer will have around 4 days off to relax and engage with the Easter spirit, but also to be active on the internet and social media platforms.

Surely not every sector awaits increased sales in this period, but even if your products are not necessarily seasonal or related to Easter itself, you can consider the holiday for some additional brand building and an opportunity to engage with your customers.

This time we have collected five strategies to boost your sales during the Easter season. Let’s get right to it!

Images above all

Did you know that on average you have about 1.6 seconds to get a user’s attention with your online ads? 

This amount of time is not enough for people to read your well-crafted ad texts, but is definitely enough to decide whether a picture catches their attention or not. Essentially as a first step, it all comes down to visuals.

For businesses with several ad campaigns running, potentially on multiple platforms, it is worth considering starting to use an image transformation tool. Editing and checking product images one by one manually is not only a daunting task, but it also carries a risk for making mistakes, which in the long run lead to wasted ad spend, not to mention the long hours of work that could be used on other matters.

An image transformation tool can free you from tens or hundreds of hours of work, and guarantee precision. You can even automate the process with custom labels so your images get the right template for each seasonal sales event. In case you would like to know more, check out our Image transformations page

Target the right audience through Dynamic Ads 

More and more potential customers are becoming immune to the traditional online advertising techniques, so dynamic advertisements which leverage customer browsing data to make intelligent promotions make more sense than ever.

Facebook dynamic ads automatically promote products to people who have expressed an interest by visiting your online store or viewing your products elsewhere on the Internet. Thus, it is a great way to capture people further down the funnel (past the awareness phase), which essentially means your ad spend is more likely to convert into sales.

If you are wondering how to start with Facebook Dynamic ads, you might want to check out our blog post specifically about that matter: Getting started with Facebook Dynamic Ads.

Make use of remarketing

Similarly to Facebook Dynamic ads, remarketing in its essence is also an improved form of targeting. Instead of putting your name out there and paying for the clicks or impressions of many people who do not have interest in what you are about to say, try to narrow it down for people who have previously expressed their interest by visiting your website.

There can be numerous reasons why a consumer visited your website and did not end up converting. Maybe they needed some time to think about it or to discuss the purchase with someone. Maybe they decided to wait until the next payday. Even if they had the intention to finish the purchase right away, the online space is full of distractions. When was the last time you had only one tab open?

Remarketing works in a way that someone visits your website, browses a bit and then leaves to browse some other websites. On these other websites, the user sees your remarketing ad and is reminded to return to your website and finish converting.

Additionally, remarketing does not only reach the most relevant audience, it does so at the right time. Maybe I’m not in the market for used cars right now, but I might be in two months. One of the best things about this strategy is that it is based on users' recent activity, which could never be ensured by targeting based on demographics and general interest. 

Team up with influencers 

The fact that consumers are expected to spend more time online during the holiday season does not only give you the opportunity to get more out of your ads, there are other tactics to consider as well, such as teaming up with influential bloggers or youtubers of your industry.

We are living in the golden age of influencer marketing, and for a reason. A carefully chosen influencer can not only reach an enormous audience, but also a highly targeted one. Influencers can make advertising efforts more engaging and genuine for a target audience who are often overloaded with tons of commercial advertisements every single day.

For many people social media is a place to connect and reach others with similar interests. If you follow an influencer who is into technology and recent innovations most likely you are fascinated by the topic as well and you respect their opinion. Channeling this trust and interest into your own company through an influencer is a great way to get closer to your audience if done right. 

On the other hand, it can also have the opposite effect if the influencer appears to be dishonest because a company censors their opinion or if the influencer was chosen solely based on the number of followers and not according to how good of a match they are in terms of interests.  

If Easter seems rather irrelevant 

If your business is not closely connected to Easter, this holiday can be a great time to plan for the summer. Spring is in the air, the weather is getting better and many start to think about their summer holidays. You can join this planning process and share customers' excitement by getting started with your summer campaigns.

Speaking of weather, if you live in a country where spring is rather a rainy and windy season with ever changing temperatures, you can consider making use of weather data for your ad campaigns.

By using weather data, you can make sure your ads stay relevant based on weather conditions. When it’s forecasted to rain outside, your rain relevant products (such as umbrellas, raincoats etc.) will appear in your ads, and when it’s sunny they will display products meant for sunny weather (such as sunscreen or summer clothes). 

If you wish to learn more about the topic, check out our blog post on weather data.  

Happy Easter holidays!

We hope you will succeed in reaching your business goals during this season, as well as getting to spend time with your family and friends. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Stay efficient! 

Written by Anett Ács

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