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Google Shopping Checklist - Do's and Don'ts (Infographic)

Written by Admin, Posted on July 30, 2018
(Last Updated: September 04, 2020)

We've produced a short infographic looking at how a few positive changes to your Google Shopping feeds can have significant positive impacts on your overall sales performance.



Get more info on the factors included in this infographic:

GTINs (EAN) - Global Trade Item Numbers, or GTINs are perhaps the most common product identifiers used for Google Shopping. It might seem like an annoyance to get hold of GTINs if you don't have them for your products, but providing them means your ads will be more detailed and easier for users to find.

Product titles - The title which you choose to give products is one of the most important factors in ensuring a good performance of your Google shopping product listings. Past optimization of client's titles has given a 61% increase in conversions in just 12 months.

Product description - The descriptions you give your products also play a vital role when you optimize your product feeds and in guaranteeing your listings will be chosen over others.

What a user reads (or doesn't read!) about the product hugely influences whether or not they will make that crucial purchase decision.

Google taxonomy - Use this optional attribute in your feeds to show the category of your item based on the Google product taxonomy. Categorizing your product helps ensure that your ad is shown with the right search results.

Price Ensuring price is regularly updated and includes added costs, sales promotions and bulk purchases means you will avoid angry customers and negative rankings on Google Shopping.

These are all vital factors that play a key role in deciding the success of your online campaigns on Google Shopping.

Google Shopping introduction


To get even more information on optimizing your data and getting the best possible results check out our feed audit guide (below) or find out more about how to sell on Google Shopping.

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