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Posted on August 14, 2018 (Last Updated: May 29, 2024)

Product titles could be the most valuable of the parameters that you are able to optimise in your ecommerce feed management strategy.

Previous research has even suggested that enhancing product titles have given 151% increase in clicks, 47% increase in CTR and 28% reduction in CPC. Who wouldn’t want that?

So, how do you create a perfect product title? It is important to note that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all guide for the perfect product title. It depends on which type of product you are selling, where you are selling your products and which search terms people are using to find these types of products.

For instance, if you are selling a washing machine it might be relevant to include the model number in the title, since customers often times search directly for that. On the other hand it might not make sense to add the material in the titles. Both of those examples would be completely different if you were selling jewellry instead. In that case, including the material would be extremely important.

Why are your product titles so important?

The title you choose to give products is crucial as it’s often the first thing many shoppers see.

We've seen as much as 131% increase in conversions, based on switching just a few words like the examples below. Knowing what keyword primes best and the necessary structure is something we have perfected at WakeupData:

Old Product Title
Optimized Product Title
T-shirt white adidas
Adidas Men’s T-shirt - L

Or for an electronic product:

Old Product Title
Optimized Product Title
LG 66´´ OLED TV 12434646

What is product title optimization?

Product title optimization simply means adding or removing certain factors in product titles to make them perform better. This means combining different fields in your clients’ feed to add: brand, color, size, gender and other relevant keywords to a title.

When we optimize product titles, we have the required expertise of how to do this depending on the industry of your clients’ products and their chosen sales channels. The infographic below shows how optimized titles might look for Google Shopping.

Google Shopping title structure infographic

What value will it bring you?

Let’s take an example. A Danish eCommerce store, Legeakademiet saw a 61% rise in conversions and 131% increase in conversion value following optimization of their product content by WakeupData.

These optimization techniques are not unique to titles either. Your product descriptions have almost as much bearing on the overall success of your listings as titles do - you can find out more about optimizing descriptions here.

Of course, product listing titles can be optimized manually - but WakeupData can rapidly apply changes to thousands of products in minutes, which will save you hours of time so you can focus on bringing value to your customers.

How can titles be optimized from the WakeupData platform?

As always when using the expression engine, the possibilities are endless. In this example we are simply combining Brand with Product Title, separated by a space.

product titles 1

Let us then say that some of your product titles already contain the brand. If that is the case, you might not want to add it, which of course will result in the brand being shown twice. With the following expression we start out by testing if the brand is present in the titles and only add it if it is not in the title already. 

product titles 2

The taxonomy for the if-statements we use are always the same. First we set up a condition, followed by the value we want to pass if the condition is met and finally what we want to pass if the condition is not met.

In the example we have set up the condition is: Does the title contain brand? If so, pass only the title. If not, pass the brand and the title.

product titles 3

You can continue this with as many if-statements and attributes as you like (up to the 5 fields that is possible to use in the platform). For instance: brand, titles, size and materials.

product titles 4

The are multiple possibilities and with this tool you have the power to customize and optimize your product titles and start seeing those improvements to your click through rates.


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