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Posted on March 3, 2020 (Last Updated: August 17, 2021)

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Danish retailer Salling Group.

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Beginning as an Aarhus-based manufacturer in 1906, Salling Group is Denmark's largest retailer, with shops, online stores, restaurants and brands like Føtex, Netto and Bilka under their ownership. 

As well as this, Salling Group have set their sites on becoming the leading player in Danish e-commerce - by creating simple, personalized shopping experiences online that make everyday life easier for their customers.

WakeupData are helping them on the path to achieving that goal. 


A central hub for handling data quality

Since the beginning of WakeupData's work with Salling Group in 2019, we have aimed to provide a platform that worked seamlessly and gave them full control of their data  quality - for both company (internal) and ecommerce (external) usage.

By agreeing to transition to WakeupData’s platform, Salling trusted us in our ability to dramatically improve data quality. 

The transition period covered 2 months with frequent dialogue and support from the Customer Success team at WakeupData. By the end of that period they were able to run all their feed management processes and the transformation of Product Images for all Salling Group brands from within our platform.

Since the transition period, our platform has become the central hub for Salling to ensure the quality and consistency of the data and, most importantly, speed.

For the internal product feeds, they are modifying the data that they receive from SAP systems and merging these with the delivery timeframe data.

The partnership that we have with WakeupData is very valuable and it is a testament of the flexibility of the product and the team behind it.

We always look for suppliers that go the extra mile and with WakeupData we know that will happen and beyond.”

Jens Pytlich
Digital Marketing Manager, Salling Group


The tangible results

By using WakeupData, Salling Group has been able to boost their ROI and ROAS on Google Ads by applying automated bidding to specific products in their brands and implementing specific pricing strategies through the product feed.

We are looking forward to helping deliver even more value to ROI and ROAS for Salling Group.

This ongoing partnership will enable a seamless means for creating, enriching and optimizing their data for both internal and external usage."

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Juan Jose Keena
CEO, WakeupData


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Written by Ben Culpin


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