Product Feed Management - A New Revenue Stream For Marketing Agencies

Posted on April 21, 2020 (Last Updated: January 25, 2024)

The first six months of 2020 have been a truly uncertain time for many ecommerce businesses. As a feed marketing SaaS, we've spoken to many digital marketing agencies recently who have seen a scaling back in many of their clients PPC spending. 
In this article:
  • We're hearing from Adgora, a valued partner agency of WakeupData, to talk about about why they chose to offer feed management as an option for their ecommerce clients.

  • Based upon this, we're outlining how the management of product feeds can provide an extra source of revenue for digital agencies of all kinds. More than ever, clients are turning to their agencies as a source of support, advice and ongoing stability.

 Interview with Jacob Nissen from Adgora.

- Why did Adgora chose to offer WakeupData's feed marketing as a client solution for ecommerce?

I chose to offer your solutions because of the unique opportunities it provides for feed optimizations and feed driven marketing.


I started Adgora around 2 years ago, and from working with feed management tasks involving a lot of Excel and Google Sheets - I realized I could handle many of the tasks directly from WakeupData's feed marketing platform, as it was easier and better to manage."


- What role does feed marketing currently play for your clients at Adgora? 

Feed marketing currently plays a very big part of each ecommerce client's setup.

We're moving into a space where we won't do so much manual optimization or so many search ads. 

Instead we're moving more into data warehousing and technical aspects - moving away from classical Search Ads, Facebook Ads and more into how we can automate tasks.

From that perspective it's a really important partnership with WUD because you guys can help us out and make it easier for us to access some of those services we need - extracting the data and making use of it." 


- Have you seen positive results from offering feed management to your clients? 

We've definitely seen a big impact on performance for clients where we've optimized their feeds using the WakeupData platform. 

It helps us a lot with delivering the right data for Google & Facebook, and structuring and using data correctly - so the platform is very important for us." 


- How do you offer our feed management solutions to your clients? 

In the current situation in the partnership agreement (with WakeupData) we can onboard clients with your CSS programme, which has been a good sales point for us to tell our clients:

'We can sign you up for this platform's package: so you'll not only have a much better feed but you also have a discount on your shopping campaigns.'

The integrations you have with other tools like Clerk have also been a great selling point - it's beneficial to be able to say to a client 'we can do this with your existing set-ups' 


More than ever, clients are expecting an optimal performance across all their digital channels, so based on discussions like these, we've outlined a short list of factors to keep clients smiling:
1. Make sure that you can integrate client data quickly - regardless of source or format

Your clients expect that their agency has the tools to manage any kind of feed that they send to you.

Regardless of whether it's url-based, ftp, Google sheet based or a direct connection from an online store like Shopify, Magento or Woocommerce - the ability to import and handle this data without encountering problems is vital.

An import WUD

Furthermore, being able to provide the assurance that their data can then be enriched through merging with other information from sources like across the internet means you are saving them time and providing value.

By using a feed management tool which guarantees automatic updates and easy integrations to a single platform, you provide that value to all your clients digital marketing efforts. 

Legeakademiet conversion graphic

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2. Create visually engaging ads which build customer loyalty

When it comes to creating original, engaging content, anything that makes it easy for an agency to craft valuable ads for clients is a huge positive.

An in-platform image transformation tool means that you can dynamically apply ad creatives to specific products in a feed. 


Promotional messages, logos, seasonal offers, customer reviews and branding all help to build customer loyalty. Apply these factors o images in client feeds to give their ads a personal feel that builds their customer loyalty.


3. Reduce onboarding time and stay up-to-date

Of course, it's important to provide an attentive, one-to-one service to your clients. 

That being said, if you can minimise the amount of monotonous tasks involved in the onboarding process and the management of feeds, you'll save both yourself and your clients time. 

The key to this is the automation of regular importing, data editing and exporting of client feeds - meaning the ecommerce experts can focus on the factors that require industry knowledge, and reduce time spent on manual, labor-intensive tasks.

What's more, your clients can be safe in the knowledge that their ads are always up-to-date and optimized to guarantee the best results.

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4. Easily integrate clients to new channels 

Effective multi-channel selling means having a consistent precence on a range of different channels - spanning comparison shopping sites to affilate marketing platforms, or from marketplaces to social media channels.

export channels wakeupdata_small

Managing all these export channels and ensuring they are meeting the channel-specific feed requirements and are constantly updated can clearly be a challenge. 

Fortunately, pre-populated templates for each new channel allow smooth integrations for your clients and faster time to market. 

Customize or distribute feeds with minimal effort. All of this means you can get clients on new channels, no matter how many or how complicated, without losing time.


Get the right toolkit to support your clients whenever they need you

Effective ecommerce agencies don't just save their clients time and provide value, they have the tools at their disposal to save their own labor through automation.

Feed management platforms should provide the complete toolkit to help your team easily stay on top of every client feed, giving them complete confidence in the way their brand will appear online, across any customer touchpoint.

From more effective ads to greater reach, you can provide your clients with results to be proud of! Get an insight into the WakeupData and have your questions answered by booking a free demo.

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Written by Ben Culpin

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