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Posted on February 22, 2021 (Last Updated: December 01, 2023)

We recently sat down to have a chat with Niklas Bruun, founder of NB Digital - an agency focused on delivering quality results for clients Social Media advertising.


Having used WakeupData's Image Transformation tool since last summer, we initially began this discussion as a look at the tool and its' impact on NB Digital's clients' campaigns. Given the impact of the previous year of pandemic restrictions, the forthcoming IOS-14 changes and the outlook for 2021 - we expanded our scope to hear Niklas's thoughts and opinions across a range of subjects. 


Could you introduce yourself and what you do over at NB digital?

"My name is Niklas Bruun. I have a background in building and scaling DTC brands.

Two years ago I founded NB Digital on a mission to help eCommerce businesses succeed with social media advertising."

How has the past year been for NB Digital - and how has the pandemic affected your clients?

"The past year has been a turbulent year for both NB Digital and the companies I help.

Unfortunately some companies have been forced to shut down temporarily, whilst at the same time other companies has skyrocketed their growth."

What experience do you have with using the  WakeupData feed management platform?

"I have worked with several feed management platforms. But WakeupData has by far been the best of them.
They not only have all the features we need but most important of all, they provide outstanding support and have solved every issue we have had."

Which of your clients have you used the Image Transformation tool for?

"I have used the tool for with a great success. This growth is caused by a lot of changes in our strategy and not only the implementation of WakeUpData.

But WakeUpData and the Image Transformation tool has without any doubt had an impact on this journey.

We are using this tool on a daily basis and therefore it is important for us to have an Image Transformation tool that is easy to manage and flexible to accommodate every simple design."




What I really like about WakeupData is how quickly the platform shows value for my clients.

Since I started using the Image Transformation tool for last year, we've broken all revenue records."


How does the Image Transformation tool work? are exporting their product feeds to multiple sales channels via the WakeupData Hub, but Facebook is the only channel we are using the Image Transformation tool for. 

In order to create engaging images, WakeupData's Support team have helped NB Digital set up dynamic templates using the Field Conversions. These calculate a number of factors which can then be applied to templates:

  • The discounted price as a number (e.g '50% discount')
  • Adding moms/VAT and rounding pricing to a whole number
  • The discount as a percentage

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 3.37.23 PM


These calculations can then be applied to an Image Template, meaning every product within a set will have its own specific discount applied to its image for Facebook DPAs.

It doesn't have to be unique to discounted products though. Any product sets can have dynamic templates applied to them in order to make ad images more engaging and informative for the potential shopper:

  1. Setting a borderScreen Shot 2021-02-16 at 3.33.04 PM
  2. Adding logos, branding, etc to product imagesScreen Shot 2021-02-16 at 3.33.13 PM
  3. Using discount price calculation from Field conversion and  prepend text - in this case "NU KUN" ("NOW ONLY")

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 3.30.45 PM

One of the best features of the Image Transformation tool is that you can create as many templates as you want and have them saved for future application.

This allows you to switch between templates depending on which product set you want to advertise (Discounted Items, New Arrivals, etc) and when you want it to show (Black Friday, Christmas, Summer Sales, etc).

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 3.36.39 PM

Any reflection on the results achieved so far? 

"I have used the transformation tool almost from the first day I started working with Sofa. Therefore it’s hard to showcase the impact it has had.

But without any doubt it is an important tool for us to make salient dynamic product content (DPA ads) that is eye-catching in the Facebook and Instagram newsfeed (pictured below).



In relation to Black Friday we implemented a specific Black Friday design to make it clear for the customers that we we had great Black Friday offers.

The ads with this template had an 163,76% increase in click-through-rate in November compared to October. In the same period ads without this template that was delivered to almost the same audience was showing a 1,26% decrease in CTR which means that they were almost unchanged in the period."

What are your-term plans and strategies for the case?

"My plans for Sofa is to help them succeed making the best online experience when you are looking for a new couch. We want to make a brand that stands out on both customer experience and design.


On an executive level this means that I constantly try to learn what works best on social media to inspire and interact with our customers in a way that helps them decide how to fit their needs."

What do you think will change this year - any advice for eCommerce brands or retailers wanting to leverage social media as part of their sales strategy?

"In 2021 I would recommend eComm brands to focus on especially three key elements. This is something I that I would focus on for both my clients and my own eComm brand.

A lot of eCommerce brands are lagging behind the tendency we have seen in recent years.

The most talented brands on social media are the brands that know how to create content that creates relationships.

Interact with your customers and you will both make valuable relations and have the opportunity to learn how to bring their attention."

Due to the new IOS14 update, which blocks a large amount of tracking, it will be essential to understand how this affects the number of important events on the website that are tracked and not tracked.

Since Apple prompt users on whether they are willing to allow the app developer to track their personal usage of the app, I am afraid that we will experience mass opt-out. If this is the case, the concern is 3-fold:

  1. Can we retarget users?
  2. Can we track the performance of campaigns effectively?
  3. Will top of funnel audience targeting still be as effective without data from users on iOS14?

I think we will see a trend in the near future where it is about keeping as much of the shopping journey on social media as possible at all - simply so as not to lose too much data about our potential customers.

The three points above is something I will focus on in 2021 - both for my clients and my own eCommerce Padel Specialist."


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While the changes of 2021 outlined by Niklas could bring uncertainty for retailers, they can be secure in the knowledge that the quality of product data will be more important than ever.

WakeupData's feed management solutions mean that enriching and optimizing your product data is a straightforward process, with support on-hand whenever you need.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or try the Image Transformation tool for yourself below.

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Written by Ben Culpin

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