Optimizing Images for Facebook Ads [Client Case]

Posted on February 18, 2019 (Last Updated: August 13, 2020)

You may have already heard about the Image Transformation tool from WakeupData - if it all sounds new to you, check out our article here which explains the features it offers.


Before we get into the creative areas of a Facebook image, we’ve listed out some of Facebook’s basic image requirements and recommendations. Be sure that your images follow these standard guidelines. Design recommendations:

  • File type: jpg or png
  • Image ratio: 9:16 or 16:9
  • Text limit: 125 characters
  • If your image has more than 20% text, you may experience reduced delivery

Contrary to what we saw from our guide to optimizing Google ad images, you actually have a lot more freedom with Facebook. 

This doesn't just mean that you can forget about the strict white background rule. It also means you can add multiple extra fields like logos, promotions, overlays - you name it! 

As long as it isn't filling too much of the image, Facebook, Instagram and the audience network and much more lenient in letting you create eye-catching images.  


What is Image Transformation?

Stated briefly, it's a tool that lets you apply custom designs and filters to product images - in this client's case for Facebook Dynamic ads. 

The designs which you apply can be added directly to your product feed, taking into account certain information from that feed. 
Image transformation 1


Apply factors like discount prices, discount percentages, savings, brand, logos - all fully automated.
Now enough about what it is - let's get stuck into the Client's story! 
If you do want more info you can check out our explainer video on Image Transformation below.
Watch the demo   

Our client's story

For this article our client has requested to be kept anonymous, so we'll keep their name to ourselves!
What we can say is that they are a well-known sports-clothing store, which has been running a custom design campaign since August 2018, focusing on displaying engaging offerings.
The tailor-made designs they implemented are an ideal way to take ownership of ads and make them stand out more clearly above the "noise" on Facebook.
Want to learn more about your Dynamic Ad campaigns? Check out our free Facebook Dynamic Ads ebook, which takes you through the How's, Why's and What's of running effective, optimized campaigns that build revenue. 
Facebook-Dynamic-Product-Ads---ebook-preview (1)
Dynamic Ads eBook
Why did our client implement Image Transformation for Facebook Dynamic Ads?
● Facebook ads are paid per. view, so it's about grabbing every chance to show your value (both
directly through sales and indirectly through branding)
● More and more companies are using custom designs, which means it’s easier to disappear in the
crowd if you are competing.
● You on average 1.6 sec. to get the user’s attention, so the more visibility can immediately create,
the more you will succeed.
The image below shows  some of the simple improvements the Image Transformation tool allowed. Some of the colors used on the brand’s own website were also displayed, thereby strengthening the continuity between the ad and the website experience.
 anonym screenshot

The value which WakeupData can provide:

Anonym results-1
These results outline how, in a short time frame, Image Transformation has been able to boost click rates and provide a huge increase in the returns on their advertising spending.
Still not sure about the value of our tool? 🤔
We've put together an Image Transformation comparison article to show how we compare to the leading competitors on the market. 
Get in touch for more info on how we can give you value while saving you time and money or check out our guide about How to sell on Facebook

Still not convinced about Image Transformation? Try it out for yourself! 
Try it out now
Written by Ben Culpin

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