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Posted on February 12, 2018 (Last Updated: February 27, 2024)

Legeakademiet is an ecommerce store run by Jane Vestergaard and Ann Riemer. They founded the company in 2005 based upon their experiences of having children of their own and with the motivation to give them the best possible chance for activity and play to further their development.


"We decided to use WakeupData to enhance our shopping feed. We weren't unsatisfied with our basic shopping feed, but WakeupData offered a good price for the setup.

Today we're happy that we chose WakeupData as our feed booster. Maintenance is easy and the results speak for themselves. We would recommend WakeupData to anyone who wants to get more out of their shopping feeds."

Check out our Client Case of Legeakademiet to see what they achieved by using our tailored feed marketing solutions.

The goal for OnlinePartners, a marketing bureau working with Legeakademiet, was to increase the performance of their Google Shopping ads through optimization of their product feed.

We say optimization because they already had a basic working solution i.e. a product feed containing all their products and the mandatory fields in order for them to connect to Google Shopping. However, we told them that we would be able to lift their performance significantly by optimizing the data quality in their feed.


The Process

The first of our feed marketing tools in this case was to use WakeupData’s Connect service. This involved importing Legeakademiet’s own data feed.

We then used our Supercharge service in order to scrape their website for unique product numbers, product descriptions and additional image links.

From that import feed, an export Google product feed was created. In this export various factors like the product imagestitles, and descriptions were enhanced, as well as setting up categorization which involves mapping the most relevant Google category to each unique category in their feed.

After this we ensured that all listed products had product type, cleaning IDs, Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs)(which we had acquired through the webscrape), adding age groups and dynamic shipping price based upon the price of the product.

The final step was to filter out all products that were out of stock.

The Results

Legeakademiet compared two periods to measure the impact that WakeupData had had on their Google shopping feed:

First Period: 25/09/15-31/12/16 (without WakeupData)

Second Period: 25/09/16-31/12/17 (using WakeupData)

The results from the study speak for themselves:

Legeakademiet conversion graphic.jpg

With WakeupData, you can enrich, transform, combine, evaluate, filter and do so much more with your up-to-date data - anytime you like - until it provides the best results and allows you to reach your full revenue potential.

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Written by Ben Culpin


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